Philadelphia Marathon November 2000

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Say Cheeeezzzzzz!!!

Angela and Juli - Looking like babes at the start of the Marathon!


Juli - "I'm going to go run my fastest marathon.  I'm outta here!  See ya back at the hotel room."







Thanks for helping those last 6.2 miles.

Anthony and some strange woman that he met at mile 20. Hummm looks like some chemistry developing. Nope.


What a Kodak moment!

Angela, Anthony and Juli -- Posing it boozing before the big event.

A good converstationalist!

Can't remember her name! Nice smile.

The real world Marathon road trip crew....!

Angela, Anthony, Juli, and Katie

Yea!!  I'm almost done.  Doubble click on me to see the full size imae.

Anthony taking a break from the Marathon to pose.


Brad, Sandy's friend, Sandy, Tammy, and Anthony -- Looking Good after 10 miles!


Doubble click on me to see the full size imae.

Anthony & Brad in the middle of the pack.